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      Adopt the dimension drawing of corresponding installation flange of ujet manhole well

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      The installation hole of superior manhole (inner flanged 1400 model and outer flanged 1355 model) is non-uniform, which has the following advantages:

      1. In the non-uniform structure, there is an installation hole in the middle span, which is easy to locate and install;

      2, to prevent the installation Angle deviation, adopt non-uniform structure, wrong one hole Angle, manhole Wells can not be installed, only the manhole well installation pipeline face toward the axis of the oil tank can be installed and aligned with the installation hole, can bolt tight;

      3. If evenly divided holes are adopted, installation personnel may miss one installation hole slightly, which will cause the manhole well installation pipeline surface and pipeline are not vertical, resulting in later pipeline construction difficulties;

      The following are the sizes of tank flanges corresponding to two types of manholes and Wells of ujet:

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