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      Deputy Secretary of Hengshui Municipal Party Committee visited Hengshui Youjiete for investigation

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        On May 13, 2021, Li Guoyong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hengshui Municipal Committee, led the leaders of relevant departments of Hengshui Municipal Government to Jizhou District to conduct an investigation on tapping new potential, shaping new advantages and unshakably taking the road of high-quality development of enterprises. The secretary of the CPC Jizhou District accompanied the investigation. Hengshui Youjiete, as a benchmark enterprise in Jizhou's characteristic industrial enterprises, is honored to be listed as one of the investigation and research enterprises.


        Leaders visited Hengshui Youjiete, inspected the company's plant, workshop and new project site in detail, and listened to the detailed report by Ma Mingbo, Deputy General Manager of Hengshui Youjiete.


        Secretary Li fully affirmed Hengshui Youjiete based on industrial advantages, to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading practices. He pointed out that under the guidance of the new concept of development, we should firmly adhere to the market orientation, work hard to achieve distinctive characteristics and differentiation, continue to deepen structural adjustment, focus on innovation, promote transformation, improve the upstream and downstream industrial chains, seize new growth points of the industry, and make the industry bigger and stronger.


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