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      New technology -- transformation of eaves of gas station awning

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      High-end brand image is the first element to attract customers, but also let customers feel at ease with the source of consumption information! I believe you driving friends will encounter the need to go out of the situation, we will choose a better overall image of the gas station. The gas station with bright color and eye-catching logo will attract our attention in the first time. The eave surface of the gas station plays a vital role in the image identification system. It is one of the important information for drivers to choose the gas station.


      Nowadays, the traditional eave surface material is mostly made of aluminum plastic plate or acrylic sheet. The lack of its physical properties gradually appears after a long exposure to the outside world, which affects the overall image of the gas station and leads to the dilemma of maintenance or replacement in the later use of the gas station. Frequent maintenance and renovation closures significantly increase the additional costs of gas stations.


      Advantages of composite molded eave surface

      01. Appearance modeling

      Compared with the aluminum plastic sheet quality, Ujite eaves face color bright, high gloss. Mold pressing production, can accurately control the size of the product, product joints fit high. Complex curved surface modeling can be designed according to the brand image, with stronger stereoscopic plasticity.


      02. Material properties

      The molded eave surface is formed in one body, with high strength and small deformation, which ensures light weight and 2.1 times the strength of steel plate. The structure adopts glass fiber layer, resin layer, surface layer and multi-layer design of anti-ultraviolet coating, which makes its anti-aging and anti-corrosion characteristics significantly improved, and can adapt to more complex and harsh natural environment. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation, fastening for ten years.


      03. Installation and maintenance

      Modular installation of eaves makes the installation site only need to use aerial work vehicle to assemble the products, eliminating the processing link and time at the installation site, greatly reducing the construction period, and also reducing the input of manpower and material resources for the follow-up maintenance work.


      Adopt new craft, choose new material

      Saving cost and material consumption, the advantages of the new technology gradually emerged

      The market potential of the templating process of canopy eaves is huge

      Good prospects

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