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      Eliminate "one-size-fits-all", emissions standards do not need to stop production limit

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              In 2019, our company will continue to respond to the enterprise's policy of energy conservation and environmental protection development, and has been committed to the improvement and innovation of environmental protection equipment, which has met the national requirements for gas-related emission enterprises and been recognized by the local bureau of ecological environment. The company's products can also be produced in accordance with the order plan with guaranteed quality and quantity.

              In addition, hengshui environmental science research institute carried out the performance rating of heavy pollution weather in 2019, and our company was rated as A grade B enterprise (478 enterprises submitted self-evaluation materials, 269 enterprises were identified as the site audit objects through the examination of application materials, 2 grade A enterprises and 26 grade B enterprises were identified). 

              On November 16, 2019, our company was interviewed by 《zhengdiancaijing》 of  CCTV2  about how to solve the problem of "one-size-fits-all" for enterprises involved in gas emissions.

              On this issue, ma mingbo, deputy general manager of our company, made a detailed introduction: previously, we could only receive the notice of production limit 1 or 2 days in advance, but now we can see the air quality forecast for the next 10 days in the public account every 10 days, understand the production limit rules in advance, and adjust our production plan. If the forecast of heavy pollution weather is received, all processes involved in gas will be opened to produce products in advance. When the forecast of heavy pollution weather occurs, employees will be arranged to work in other non-gas involved processes, such as assembly and packaging, etc.

              In addition, there is also a set of monitoring equipment in the workshop. The electricity consumption of workshop production and environmental protection equipment will be sent back to the electronic platform of the local bureau of ecological environment through it 24 hours a day. On this electronic platform, the use of production and environmental protection equipment of each enterprise can be clearly seen!






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